7 Magical Christmas Gifts for Any Harry Potter Fan!

Make your Christmas even more magical with these wand-erful Harry Potter Christmas decorations!

Acceptance Letter tree decoration

You know you're still secretly waiting for yours!

Image by Pammie Rayner | Etsy

Harry Potter wand tree ornament

Accio chocolate!

Image by LharsEbersold | Etsy

Potion bottle fairy lights

All I want for Christmas is Felix Felicis

Image by Primark

Snitch tree ornament

150 points to Santa Claus!

Image by Tiny Apartment Crafts

Sorting Hat tree topper

You'll finally know if your tree is a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff

Image by Harry Potter Store

Maurader's Map stocking

I solemnly swear I should be on the nice list this year

Image by Judy & Park

Happy Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle cross-stitch

This is my Hogwarts, I have to defend it

Image by Up2XStitch | Etsy

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