8 Beastie Bromances

Friendships can spring up in the most unlikely of places. But who's enjoying the company of their new pals the most?

Yo Dawg! It's Bath Time

Who said dogs and cats were enemies? When there's an ear that needs cleaning, this cat is ON IT.

All Aboard the Tortoise Express

Estimated time of arrival: NEVER.

The Pugly Ducklings

Get your dirty paws away from my ducks!

On Goat Duty

Jump on my back, kid. Not high enough? Try my head.

The Tiger-Sitter

Why adopt one tiger cub when you can have two?

The Lynx Between Us

I wish my ears were as pointy as yours. Can I lick them?

I Love Ewe

Stop it now. Stop touching me. I know it feels nice, but seriously - leave me alone!

Doggy Paddle

No fair! He's got fins! How am I meant to keep up?

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