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AA9Skillz Quiz: Can You Get 100 Percent?

It's ya boy Skillz! How well do you know this epic gamer? Take this FIFA-obsessed quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 28th 2022

It's kick-off! Time to find out if your AA9Skillz knowledge is up to scratch or if you'll be shown the red card! Not your bag? Try this Fifa 22 quiz, this Bateson quiz, or even have a giggle at these 14 premiere Fifa Jokes! You just couldn't write it*!

*Well, you could. And we have.


What kind of videos does AA9 make?

2/10 Zombie
Minecraft | Mojang Studios / 4J Studios

What game does he play most?

@realaa9skillz | instagram

What's AA9's real name?

4/10 A magpie next to a European map

Whereabouts in Europe is he from?

@AA9Skillz | Youtube

Name this video!

@NASA | giphy

How many subscribers has he got?

@AA9Skillz | Youtube

According to AA9SKillz, who is the Goat?

@AA9SKillz | Twitter

AA9SKillz is also on Twitch. True or false?

@AA9Skillz | Youtube

How does he start every video?

@AA9 | Youtube

What does he do on his other Youtube channel, AA9?

@AA9Skillz | Youtube

Oh no! Tough break! You clearly need to watch more of AA9's videos! Fancy another go? If not we've got plenty of other Youtber quizzes for you to try!

@AA9Skillz | Youtube

Pretty decent - but could be a bit better! Have you been watching his videos but not paying attention? Or paying attention but never even heard of this guy before? Better have another go and see how you do! Good luck!

@AA9Skillz | Youtube

Great work! This is a really solid result - you clearly know loads about Skillz! He would be proud! Now, can you beat this score on another FIFA quiz?

@AA9Skillz | Youtube

Amazing! A perfect score! You nailed this! You know more about Skillz than...Skillz does! Now, can you get another high score on a different footy quiz?