AAAARGH! Things Are Getting Smaller!

According to the news, packets of Jaffa Cakes now only have 10 delicious orangey sponges instead of 12!

Jaffa Cakes disappearing
Image by United Biscuits

NOOOOOO! Not our Jaffa Cakes!

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And that's just the start! Adidas are losing two of their stripes!

adidas trainer
Image by Adidas

The Star Wars saga is two films shorter than it used to be!

"That's impossible!"

star wars loses 2 films
Image by Lucasfilms

Spiders are losing two of their legs!

Not-so creepy crawly anymore! :(

Spider loses 2 legs and falls over

Even trousers are being cut down!

That's not even a full pair of shorts! 

trouser become a short

But it's not all bad! Two veggies are getting taken out of all lunches!

Remember to eat your three a day!

sprouts and broccoli being removed from food

And two hours will be taken out of the day. So...

clock loses 2 hours

Which means… SCHOOL'S OUT EARLY!


Media by GIPHY
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