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Algebra Quiz and Trivia!

Are you an algebraniac? test your knowledge with this epic quiz!

Last Updated:  July 20th 2021
First Published:  August 21st 2019
1/15 A scene from the movie Big
Big | James L. Brooks, Robert Greenhut | Penny Marshall | Gracie Films

In the movie Big, Josh Baskin uses which sport to help his friend Billy Kopecki solve an algebra problem?

2/15 A student enjoying a bit of algebra

How many types of algebra are there?

3/15 A student working out a maths problem on a wipe board

Which of the following is not a type of algebra?

4/15 An algebra symbol

What does this symbol mean?

5/15 A dog holding a pencil in its mouth

Which of the following is a true algebraic expression?


What does the word ‘algebra’ mean? 


Which people invented algebra?  


What does this symbol mean?


What is the most famous algebraic equation?


What is elementary algebra? 


What does this symbol mean? 


What do you call someone who is an expert in algebra?


What is Boolean Algebra commonly used for? 


What is a variable?


2000 years ago in Egypt, Eratosthenes used algebra to accurately estimate what? 

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