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The Amazing Anazala Family Quiz

The Anazala Family are a very special family, but how much do you know about them?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 13th 2022

From their groundbreaking and Guinness World Record breaking video all the way to those cute moments with Mila and Noah, the Anazala family have come a long way. So why not put that big human brain of yours into motion and see how many of these questions you can get right?! Good luck!

The Anazala Family | YouTube

What is the Anazala daughter called?


Where are the family from?


What is the Anazala son called?

The Anazala Family | YouTube

Who did the father of the family famously have a photograph with?

The Anazala Family | YouTube

What is the Anazala dad called?


Where was Mila born?

The Anazala Family | YouTube

What is the Anazala mum called?


Where was Noah born?

The Royalty Family | YouTube

What famous family did the collab with?


What is their real surname?

Result: Oh dear
The Royalty Family | YouTube

Ooops! Not your best result! Maybe it’s time to load up some of their videos and put on your most serious concentrating hat! Remember, you can always improve your score - well, unless you got 100% - which you’re a little way off of! Nice try though!

Result: Nice try
The Royalty Family | YouTube

Nice try! Well done, you’re on the right track! Why not have another go and see if you can get 100% on it - you know, practice makes perfect after all - the Anazala family aren’t something that you can just pick up in five minutes!

Result: Awesome
The Royalty Family | YouTube

Awesome! Well done, you’ve really got to grips with this amazing family of content creators! A little more practice and maybe another video or two and you’ll be the true GOAT of the Anazala family! Nice one! Let’s get to that 100% mark! Of course there are lots of other quizzes here you could try too - you’ve earned it!

Result: Wow
The Royalty Family | YouTube

Epic! Full marks! You know everything there is to know about the Anazala family! Well done! Now that’s ticked off the list, why not check out some of our other quizzes and facts? You can consider the Anazala family done and dusted - on to the next thing! The world is your oyster! Let’s go!