Welcome to Pawgwarts!The Animal Shelter That Sorts Dogs into Harry Potter Houses.

There's an animal shelter which sorts its guests into Hogwarts' houses according to their personality...

Adopting a pet is one of the greatest things you can do. But before you give an animal a forever home, there's lots of difficult of decisions to make when picking an animal.

There's clearly some Harry Potter fans at an animal shelter in Orlando, Florida as they've adopted the Hogwarts approach to dividing their four-legged guests into particular houses.

A dog wearing a Hogwarts scarf
Image by Art Faulkner | Pinterest

Instead of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, dogs residing at Pet Alliance Orlando are placed in the, um, Pawgwarts houses of Gryffindog, Hufflefluff, Ravenpaw and Slobberin. What an amazing idea! But how did it come about?

"We want people to start choosing companion dogs based on their lifestyles. Do they run marathons or binge watch Netflix? Is theirs a quiet home or a bustling one?" shelter boss Stephen Bardy tells Cosmopolitan. "From there we can find them their match."

Image by Art Faulkner | Pinterest

Stephen says the dogs are divided into house because of their personalities.

Gryffindogs are brave, courageous, daring, nervous and chivalrous. Hufflefluff pooches are hardworking, dedicated, patient, loyal and fair. Ravenpaws? They're intelligent, creative, knowledgeable and witty, while Slobberin are ambitious, cunning, a leader and resourceful – so they don't drool everywhere then.

Image by Art Faulkner | Pinterest

Which Harry Potter house would your dog belong to?

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