Animals vs Fidget Spinners

Everyone loves fidget spinners - even animals!

These feline fidgeters can't quite figure it out

"What's that?"

"Dunno mate. Is it a mouse?"

"Don't be stupid, Kate."

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This cat, however, is already a pro!

Could this chap be any cooler? We've asked a group of experts and the answer is 'no'

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This tortoise is trying out some tricks

Our mate Danny was keen to show us his new trick. He was doing so well until it slid off its shell. Keep practicing!

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He should take some tips from this pooch

This dog is playing it cool. He's like, 'Yeah, I've got a fidget spinner but so what?'

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Even this bird's getting the hang of it!

Look at this winged legend – what a cool dude!

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And this sea lion wants some of the action for sure

Imagine how frustrated you'd feel if you friend showed you two awesome fidget spinners and there was a thick piece of glass stopping you from joining in the fun

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This dog is all in a spin over this one!

This Golden Retriever can't contain its excitement – it just loves fidget spinners

But due to having paws, it can't quite get the hang of it. Keep trying dog, we believe in you!

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And this orangutan can't cope with it all

Mate, we reacted exactly the same way when we saw a fidget spinner for the first time!

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Not ALL animals are that impressed though...

Snakes are notoriously grumpy characters and if you've bought your pet a fidget spinner for its birthday, we hope you kept the receipt

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