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Take a peek inside this 1950's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1951 Beano Annual

Without Magic comic's cast, the characters in this annual changed slightly, to introduce new faces from the weekly Beano comic.

Beano Book 1951 Annual

Busybody Bessie

There were lots of new characters introduced in the 1950's, but not every one was an instant favourite. Bessie only made two annual appearances before being shifted to the Beanotown retirement home.

Busybody Bessie - Beano Book 1951 Annual

The Horse that Jack Built

A precursor to picture story Tick-Tock Tony, this mechanical horse has a romp around a medieval tournament, with the help of his young creator Jack. He makes an appearance on the cover of the Annual, too!

Wee Jake and Sam Snake

This obscure comic strip tells a tale about a boy and his best friend...a pet snake? Not quite a classic, and Beano wouldn't stumble across the ultimate pairing of Dennis and Gnasher until 1968.

Wee Jake and Sam Snake - Beano Book 1951 Annual

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