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Take a peek inside this 1950's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1956 Beano Annual

Check out some of the colour inconsistencies on this cover! Without full-colour printing, there was no standard colour scheme for many characters, and it was left to the discretion of the artist.

Beano Book 1955 Annual

Table of Contents

From this index, it looks like this annual contains more comic strips than pictures and adventure stories. However, a majority of the pages are made up of multi-page prose. It wasn't for another few years until the comic was most just strips.

contents beano book 1956 annual

Meet Minnie!

This is the first Annual appearance of Minnie the Minx, as she goes ballooning (sort of!). Minnie was already a very popular character within a few years of being published, along with...

minnie the minx beano book 1956 annual

Roger the Dodger

Roger takes one for the team and his strip ends with a whack of the cane. Beano always reflected the life and imagination of its real-life readers, who just might have been naughty in the real world too!

Roger the Dodger - Beano Book 1956 Annual

When the Bell Rings...

These characters should look familiar - before the Bash Street Kids got their name in 1956, the strip had a different name. Illustrator Leo Baxendale was known for large and detailed panels where lots happened, which you can see here.

When the Bell Rings - Beano Book 1956 Annual

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