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Archive: Beano Annual 1959

Take a peek inside this 1950's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

1959 Beano Annual

You'd be hopping mad with excitement to read this annual. Although we're not quite sure why there's a goat on the front cover.

Welcome to the Beano Book

This show-stopping introduction gives readers a great look at all the Beano characters. Can you name them all?

It's the Bash Street Kids!

Four years after their first Annual appearance, Class 2B of Bash Street School were established as the fan favourites we know today.

Prince Whoopee - Your Pal from the Palace

In the same vein as Lord Snooty, Prince Whoopee was a normal royal looking to have some fun. This is one of his final appearances, having been in the weekly comic for a few years.

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