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Take a peek inside this 2000's annual, filled with jokes and comic strips!

2005 Beano Annual

Spot the Difference at Beanotown Beach

Can you see any differences between the first page and the last page of this year's annual? Here's a clue: Calamity James turns up at the end. 

Welcome to the Menace House!

Dennis's mum and dad look a little different now, but their living room will always be chaos! Check out the trophies in the cabinet: they date back to 1951 - the year of Dennis's first appearance in Beano!

Welcome to the Menace House! - Beano Book 2005 Annual

Ricky Grainger - He Laughs At Danger!

This extreme daredevil shot onto Beano pages in 2003, and quickly punched through them, never to be heard from again! (Until his 2005 annual appearance, at least)

Ricky Grainger - He Laughs at Danger - Beano Annual 2005

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