Archive: Beano Annual 2008

Take a peek inside this 2000's annual, filled with jokes and comic strips!

2008 Beano Annual

2008 saw a celebration of 70 years of Beano! Check out the inside pages below.

7 Decades of Annuals

There are 68 annual covers here, stretching from the first ever Beano annual in 1940 to the previous year's. Check out the changes over time, and the characters that we've celebrated through the years.

It's a Ratz Life!

The spiritual successor to the Nibblers from the 70's, Ratz takes a little look at life in the Beanotown sewers. Drawn by Hunt Emerson, this was actually the first Ratz comic strip published. 

Ratz - Beano Annual 2008

Billy the Cat versus General Jumbo!

This strip sees appearances from two iconic Beano characters, as Billy the Cat faces off against an evil General Jumbo. Read to the end to find out who wins!

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