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Are You Actually Henry Danger?

How much like Henry Danger are you? Take this action-packed quiz to find out... and answer honestly!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
HenryDanger | twitter

How good are you at keeping secrets?


How many gadgets have you got?

HenryDanger | twitter

What happens when you chew bubblegum?

HenryDanger | twitter

You see someone cheating in a class test. What do you do?


Pick an ice cream flavour:

nickelodeon | giphy

How do you feel about wearing tight superhero clothes?


Where would you rather live?

nickelodeon | giphy

Pick a catchphrase:


What's your favourite animal?

nickelodeon | giphy

Your friends have been captured by an evil super villain. What do you do?

HenryDanger | Twitter

You are actually Henry Danger!

In fact, you're more Henry Danger than Henry Danger is! How is that even possible?!

HenryDanger | twitter

You're a bit like Henry Danger!

You and Henry have a lot in common, but nobody's going to get you two mixed up just yet. You look a lot like someone else that...Henry Hart?

You're definitely not Henry Danger!

Ah, who wants to be Henry Danger anyway? Not you!