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Around Beanotown in 80 Days: Can You Pass The Bash Street School Test?

Uh-oh! Phil's been given detention by Teacher and the only way to stay on schedule is to pass the Bash Street school exam!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 30th 2023

Well, Phil has been in Beanotown for a while now, and has got to know the Bash Street Kids and everyone else at the school really well. He's enjoyed spending time at Bash Street School so much, he's been given detention for talking! Do you want to help him take this quiz so he can get out early? OK, then. Good luck!

1/10 Plug and Dennis as pirates

Which Bash Street School student’s great-great-great grandparents were actual pirates?

2/10 Stevie Star in a Beanotown street

What is Stevie Star’s middle name?

3/10 Olive the Dinnerladies

These two dinner ladies are responsible for offering nutrition and supposedly tasty meals. What are they called?

4/10 Smiffy from the Bash Street Kids

Smiffy celebrates his birthday on December 25. Is that true or false?

5/10 Bash Street Kids twins

What are the names of Bash Street School’s twins?

6/10 Mandi Sharma on a rabbit background

Tricky question time. What is Mandi’s pet rabbit called?


7/10 Who is Teacher’s favourite author?

8/10 A dog licking its own nose

Which short-sighted student can recognise recognise people by their taste? Ew!

9/10 A bunch of shiny red apples

Which student is most likely to bring a shiny red apple in for Teacher?

10/10 Bash Street School's janitor

What’s the name of the janitor who keeps Bash Street School clean(ish)?

Result: Fail

That's a 'FAIL'! Were you in Bash Street School for a moment before being told to go into detention? Why not have another go? We believe in you!

Result: B-

You've earned a B-! We’ll admit some of these questions were a bit tricky. Plus, it’s not often that schools will give out tests based on Bash Street School trivia – it’s all a bit of fun while you’re in detention!

Result: B grade

You've earned a B grade! You did really well, considering you’ve only been in Beanotown for a very short time! If you stay a bit longer, you’ll know everyone really well!

Result: A+

You test has been graded A+! You maybe a visitor to Beanotown, but you’ve learned a lot about the people in Bash Street School very quickly!