Attention all Muggles! Harry Potter Convention is Heading for the UK

Meet the stars of the movies and get the chance to visit Diagon Alley - if you dare!

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What a wand-erful world.

There's going to be a massive Harry Potter convention will be arriving in Manchester later this year, and there’s a whole host of marvellous magic to explore!

Meet actors from the movies!

If you’ve ever wanted to hang out with Hagrid or share spells with Severus Snape, this could be the perfect opportunity. 

Just make sure you don’t come face-to-face with a Baslilisk - unless you speak fluent parseltongue, that is.

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Diagon-themed market street

When you need a new wand, there’s only one place to go, right? 

Hidden behind the Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley is where wizards go to buy broomsticks, books and second-hand robes and now can get the chance to fill your pockets with magic by walking in the footsteps of Harry and his pals.

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Q&A with cast and crew from the movies

Been kept awake at night wondering how owl magic really works? 

If so, then you might finally get the chance to have those questions answered at last, as fans get to speak with the cast and crew from the movies.

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Props and mini-exhibitions

How do you fancy getting your hands on that slippery golden Snitch? 

Or maybe waving a wand or two? 

If so, then a chance to play with the props from movies should be right up your street. 

Just remember to wear underwear if you try on the Cloak of Invisibility or it could get awkward.

Image by The Making of Harry Potter/Harry Potter Wiki

Special food and drink

There’s a whole menu of magical munchies to try out, from Golden Snitch donuts to Butterbeer Lattes, so there’s a good chance you’ll be filling your belly with snacks to keep you spellbound!

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