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Look at These Awesome Homemade Star Wars Builds

Ever wanted your own Tie Fighter? Then build one!

Check out this gigantic AT-ACT replica!

It was built by YouTuber Colin Furze, who made it in his back garden!

First, he took a normal toy…

And then scaled it up. Lots.

He’s even kitted out the inside like a Stormtrooper disco!

Not sure how authentic that is…but who cares?

Then there’s Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter

As usual, Colin started with an ordinary toy and then scaled it up…

colinfurze | Youtube

…The finished ship is HUGE!

All the detail is there, from the engine parts to a cockpit you can sit in!

It even comes with it’s own droid!

colinfurze | Youtube

Colin has also made a Deathstar out of fireworks

Well… he calls it a Deathstar. Its more like 5000 fireworks stuck on the top of a crane. …Yep, still awesome!

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