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Back To School: Why You're Worth It!

School's back and it can all seem a bit overwhelming - but this quiz will help you test your confidence and see that there's no need to sweat the small stuff! You've got this!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  June 27th 2022

It's time to get back to school and start all your usual routines again! School can be stressful, but there's no need to panic -our quiz will help asses your confidence and self worth and see how good you are at dealing with school situations! We believe in you!

1/13 Boy in bed, late, with alarm clock and shocked emoji

You wake up, check the time...uh oh, you're late! What do you say to yourself?

2/13 Three kids walking to school with derpy Beano food on their backpacks

Your friend wants to walk to school but you usually take the bus - what do you do?

3/13 Guy giving presentation with goofy Beano rubber duck

It's English, and you have to give a presentation to the whole class. How do you feel?

4/13 Girl with pink hair on pink background with arrow

Your friend says your new hairstyle is stupid - what do you do?

5/13 Boy with lunch tray, splat and screaming pineapple

At lunch time, you accidentally drop your tray in front of everyone. How do you react?

6/13 Screaming cat on curtain background

There's a drama club happening at lunch time, and you really want to join, but you're a bit shy. What do you do?

7/13 Fail stamp and test paper

You get your results back from a maths test, and you didn't do very well. How do you react?

8/13 Boy helping another boy stand up and arrow

You see some kids being mean to a younger kid. What's your reaction?

9/13 Angry looking teacher and Beano llama

You're mucking about with a friend in class and the teacher tells you off - how do you react?

10/13 Art palette and cat paw

Your trying to finish a painting in art but the bell goes. How do you react?

11/13 Test paper and cheat sheet, and surprised bear

You get a big well done from the teacher for your work in history, but your friend says you cheated, even though you didn't. What do you do?

12/13 Man running for the bus and derpy sloth

Home time! But just as you're running for the bus, you stumble and your bus money falls down a drain! What are you going to do?

13/13 Girl and mum doing homework with yellow splats

Time to relax at home! Only your mum wants you to do your homework before you do anything else! What do you say?


Wow! You really know your self worth! You've got a good sense of your self-esteem and you know that outer situations don't need to affect how you feel. Nice one!


Well done! You know a good bit about health reactions and how you can make sure you don't get too stressed at school! You know it's important to always take a deep breathe and take another look at your situation - it's usually not as bad as you think! Why not have another go and see if you can get full marks?


You know a couple of things about your self worth but you might need to have another go! Although lots of school situations can be stressful, knowing that they don't need to be overwhelming is a key step in feeling confident in your choices! Have another go!


Hmm, looks like you need to practise some self confidence! You seem to get a bit stressed out by some of these school situations, and that's totally ok - they can be very overwhelming! But it doesn't have to be - by taking some deep breaths, telling someone you trust and being confident in your choices, you can tackle any situation! Have another go and see if you learn anything new! We know you can do it!