Baddies in Slankets!

Slankets! Blankets...WITH SLEEVES!! It's the best way to keep warm - even if you have the coldest of hearts, like these guys!


'I find your lack of magical rainbows disturbing!'

Darth Vader in a unicorn slanket
Image by Lucasfilm / Primark


Mirror, mirror on the wall - who is the snuggest of them all?

Maleficent wearing a rabbit slanket
Image by Walt Disney Pictures / Primark

Thanos Mouse

It can get pretty chilly in space!

Thanos wearing a Minnie Mouse slanket
Image by Marvel Studios / Primark


"The boy who lived, come to my sleepover!"

Voldemort wearing a Thumper slanket
Image by Warner Bros. Pictures / Primark

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