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Bake Off Stars are BFFs

Everyone's favourite bakers hanging out together

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  October 26th 2016

Turns out our favourite bakers are mates in real life too

selasigb | Twitter

Great British brunch off

Andrew, Benjamina, Rav, and Tom eating lunch together. None of it looks like cake though, which we're pretty sure is against the rules.

cakesmyth | Twitter

Selasi's duck face

So it turns out Selasi can pull daft faces as well as making amazing cakes. Is there anything he can't do?

selasigb | Twitter

Hanging out in the sunshine

Tom and Kate eating ice creams - or maybe they're some kind of ice cream shaped cakes?

tomgilliford | Instagram

Selasi and Andrew zooming off into the distance

...see you soon!

britishbaeoff | Tumblr