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Beano Booktopia, Beano's awesome book subscription service, delivers cool titles straight to your door!

Heads up! The info on this page is for kids – browse here and then ask a parent or guardian if you think a Beano Booktopia subscription sounds like it's for you.

What is Beano Booktopia, you ask?

Here at Beano, we love reading and we think you probably love it too!

Our brilliant book club means you can check out all the cool things we enjoy reading.

Beano Booktopia is a monthly book subscription service which delivers cool titles straight to your door

Books on a table with their covers facing up. Beano Booktopia logo.

How does Beano Booktopia work?

There are loads of awesome types of tale to choose from, from funny to fantasy, adventure to graphic novels, so there's something for everyone!

New Beano Booktopia subscribers take a quiz so our Book Ninjas at Booktopia HQ can pick the best books for you each month.

Want to get involved?

If you can't wait to get your head in a book, speak to your parent or guardian and tell them to check out Beano Booktopia now.

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Here at Beano we think books are AMAZING! 

That's why we've got loads of book-related quizzes, games and more. Check out our books hub here, browse our book jokes or  make up your own random story with the Story-O-Meter!

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