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Beano Makes – Bowling Pins

Decorate them up, and then knock them down

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  November 25th 2016

You will need

- 6 Bottles - 6 sheets of A4 paper- Scissors- Tape- Art supplies - Some help from an adult!

Step 1

Fold each piece of paper in half, and cut down the middle, so that you get six long strips of coloured paper

Step 2

Get your art supplies and start decorating them. We just used some felt-tip pens, with googly eyes and glue – but you could try using glitter, paint, or anything else to make your bowling pins more colourful. You can create anything you like – try making them look like monsters, animals, or aliens!

Step 3

Wrap each decorated strip around the bottle where the label would normally go and stick a long piece of tape across the back, where the two ends of the paper meet. Make sure your tape is long enough to touch the bottle, and not just the paper.

Step 4

Go knock ‘em down! These empty bottles are pretty easy to knock over with catapults, foam dart guns, or a football. For more of a challenge, fill them up with water to make them harder to knock over.