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Beano Power Awards: Social Star

Cast your vote for your favourite social media star of 2021 now!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 4th 2022

The Beano Power Awards are about letting the world know what makes life brighter! From music to gaming, TV to social media, it's your chance to tell us what's lit - because you get to vote for your favourite!

Next up is the Social Star category! Which YouTubers, TikTokers and streamers kept you entertained during the last 12 months? Vote now!

Norris Nuts

Norris Nuts
Norris Nuts | YouTube

The Norris Nuts are an Australian family of eight who regularly post challenge videos and entertaining vlogs about their life. Featuring parents Brooke and Olympic swimming medalist Justin, children Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Disco and Charm, there’s never a dull moment. How much do you know about the Norris Nuts gang?

Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore | TikTok

Not to be confused with the late England World Cup winning captain, this Essex teenager found himself at a loose end when his exams were cancelled. Not one to sit around, he fired up a TikTok account and started posting videos bursting with interesting facts and has since earned over 8 million followers!


Moriah Elizabeth | YouTube

If you’ve ever needed to mend your squishy collection or simply give them a bit of care and attention, American YouTube Moriah Elizabeth has plenty of tips and advice for you, all delivered in a fun, slightly sarcastic way. Moriah also can turn her artistic skills to pretty much anything and can transform a pair of boring white trainers into a work of art, even if her cat Opie may wander across her desk searching for snacks.


DreamSMP | YouTube

Formed by a YouTuber known only as Dream and GeorgeNotFound, DreamSMP is a Minecraft-loving group – SMP stands for ‘survival multiplayer’ – and includes gamers TommyInnit and many guest stars. Their games are streamed live and their interactions are just as compelling as the game they play.

Khaby Lame

@khaby00 | Instagram

This Italian-based social media star makes videos which features other people’s life hack tips but often points out a more obvious solution with a look of bewilderment. With over 124 million followers, he’s currently the second most popular account on the app, just behind Charli D'Amelio.

Who will you vote for the Social Star Award?


  • Norris Nuts 0.2 %
  • Bobby Moore 0 %
  • Moriah 0.2 %
  • DreamSMP 0.4 %
  • Khaby Lame 0.2 %