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Beano Rap Battles – Princess Peach vs Mario!

It's the fiercest feud in music - but who will win this Nintendo showdown?

Who’s got the biggest beef in the world of music?

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry? Jay Z and Kanye West?


In fact, the fiercest feud is between… Mario and Princess Peach!

And hey, don’t tell us you’re not surprised because let’s face it – even though it looks like Mario’s main mission is to save Peach from the clutches of Bowser, who’s to save Peach needs saving in the first place.

Princesses are perfectly capable of saving themselves with the help of plumbers – or anyone else for that matter!

So it’s fair to say this rap battle has been brewing for a while, which means Princess Peach and Mario will have some pretty serious words to rhyme.

Want to find out who’s comes out on top? Watch the video now!

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