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Beano Superstars – Bananaman

Meet the man of peel - ever alert for the call to action!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 1st 2021

Every town and city needs a superhero. Gotham has Batman, New York City has Spider-Man and er, Themyscira has Wonder Woman.

Beanotown has Bananaman – that’s me: handsome, irresistible, wonderful and... genius.

It’s been said that I’m a superhero who has the muscles of 20 big men and the brains of 20 mussels. I’ll take that, thank you very much!

Like Batman has Robin, my trusty sidekick is my pet Crow, who’s an actual crow. He’s always in a flap. Just a little bird joke, there. But seriously, he’s a big help in the fight against my enemies General Blight and Doctor Gloom. Plus there’s the The Heavy Mob, Eddie the Gent and Weatherman. It’s never-ending, but it’s a good job I have the strength of 20 mussels, right?

As you can see, I don’t have any pockets, so I keep all my banana gadgets in my special belt: a banana-rang, an inflatable banana-raft, a banana-grapple, a spare banana and a 20 pence piece, in case I need to use public toilet to do a quick change into my outfit and cape. 

Whenever there’s trouble in town – Beanotown, that is – Police Chief O’Reilly will contact me via the Bananaphone, which is like the bat signal but in the form of a much more discreet phone call. 

You might think it’s tough trying to keep Beanotown safe when everyone wants to stop me and tell me how handsome I am – and it is. But every superhero has their problems, but I don’t go on about it. I’m just so humble (and handsome). 

Even though I’m known by everyone for being a total hero, I’d like to be remembered for being literally the most-remembered guy in the universe. I’d like that. 

I think I can General Blight and Doctor Gloom lurking in the distance. I must dash but remember: as long as bananas are bendy, I will protect you!

Bananaman Fact File

Name: Bananaman

Age: It’s rude to ask a superhero his age…

Best friends: Crow and Police Chief O'Reilly

Worst enemies: General Blight and Doctor Gloom, to name two!

Prized possession: The Banana-belt, where he keeps all his crime-fighting gadgets

Motto: "As long as bananas are bendy, I will protect you!"

Super skill: Extreme handsomeness, and being able to fly

Family: Eric and Crow, his feathered sidekick

Address: 29 Acacia Road

Fact: Although he has the muscles of 20 men, Bananaman has the brains of 20 mussels... which isn't much