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Best Diving Quiz

Dive into this quiz and see how much you know!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Best Diving Quiz

1/8 Child scubadiving

SCUBA is an acronym, but what does it stand for?

2/8 Dog underwater

How deep is the deepest recorded scuba dive, according to the Guinness book of world records?

3/8 Dog diving into pool

When was diving introduced to the Olympics?

4/8 Man jumping infront of blue background

True or false: Scuba diving is not traditionally considered a sport?

5/8 Seal in pool

What's the most comon scuba diving injury?

6/8 Dog jumping into pool

How many medals has Tom Daley won for Britain diving in the Olympics?

7/8 Dog in scuba gear on white background

Roughly how many people scuba dive around the world?

8/8 Pug in goggles in front of white background

What made the Olympic event 'Plunge for distance' so weird?

Amazing result thumbnail

Wow, you really made a splash! Well done!

Well done result thumbnail

Well done! Looks like you know a lot about diving!ย 

Try again result thumbnail

Not bad, but there's loads more to know about diving! Have another go!

Oh no result thumbnail

Oh no, looks like you will have to go back to the diving, drawing board. Have another go!