Best Game: Beano Power Awards

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Rocket League

Football AND driving? What's not to like? Rocket League has become even bigger and better so if you want the world to know how great this game is, vote now!


If you like nothing better than building blocks, then you want to make sure Minecraft gets your vote. While we've all been stuck indoors, Minecraft has given us the chance to explore our imaginations. What's not to like?

Animal Crossing

We've been lockdown for ages, but who even needs to go out when you've got Animal Crossing?  Meet Tom Nook, explore your own island and customise your characters - there's no end to the adventure! So if this has made your year a bit better, you know what to do... vote!


Roblox is the game that keeps on giving - just like a generous granny at Christmas. Blocksburg, Piggy, Tower of Hell - there are so many Roblox games to try, it's hard to know where to start. But at least voting is more simple. If you're a big Roblox fan, you know what to do.

Among Us

Who done it? Well, that's the point of this space-based mystery game and if you're anything like us, you'll have been trying to spot the imposter all year! So if you want the team at Among Us know how great this game is, cast your vote now!

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