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Best San Diego Quiz

How well do you know the most South-Westerly city in the USA? Take this quiz to find out!


Ok, let's start off easy. What state is San Diego in?


San Diego used to belong to Mexico. True or false?

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Tony Hawk comes from San Diego. What's he famous for?


In San Diego it's illegal to leave your Christmas lights up after 2nd Februrary. True or false?


What's the name of San Diego's baseball team?


Which one of these things is San Diego more famous for?

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San Diego has the world's largest collection of books by which children's author?


What sport do the San Diego chargers play?


San Diego is home to the Spreckels Organ Pavilion. What's special about it?

Oh dear. Not heard of San Diego before? Never mind.

Pretty good! You can do better though – try another quiz?

Good job! You know your stuff – are you sure you don't live in San Diego or something?

Amazing! Are you the Mayor of San Diego?