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This Beyonce Quiz Will Test Even the Biggest Fan!

Are you a Beyonce megafan? Why not test your pop trivia with this blam quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 22nd 2022

How much do you know about the pop megastar Beyoncé? Do you know every possible fact about the singer, like what kind of sandwiches she'd have in a packed lunch or what sort of socks she enjoys wearing? Whatever your level of Beyoncé trivia, why not take this quiz and see how much you really know!

1/10 A video still from Beyonce's single I Was Here
Beyoncé | 'I Was Here' music and lyrics: Diane Warren | Columbia | Directors: Kenzo Digital and Sophie Muller

She's known around the world as Beyoncé. But what's her full name?

2/10 United States map

Which city in the United States of America was she born?

3/10 Beyonce as a toddler
@beyonce | Instagram

What's her birthday?

4/10 Beyonce
@beyonce | Instagram

Beyoncé once revealed there's one place where she can truly relax. Where?

5/10 Beyonce
@beyonce | Instagram

What was the title of her first album?

6/10 A fly

Scientists once named a type of fly after the singer – the 'Scaptia beyonceae'. True or false?

7/10 A microphone

At just two days old, Beyoncé and Jay Z's daughter Blue Ivy Carter entered the record books. What for?

8/10 A woman holding an American football

When Beyoncé's performed at the 2013 Super Bowl, how many people were tweeting per minute?

9/10 A scene from the 2019 film The Lion King

Beyoncé voiced which character in the 2019 version of The Lion King?

10/10 A seagull drinking from a glass, somehow

Her sixth album was named after a type of drink. What’s the title?

Result: Oh no
Beyoncé | Music and lyrics: Diane Warren | Columbia | Directors: Kenzo Digital and Sophie Muller

Oh no! You either took this quiz by mistake or were too busy thinking about how many amazing songs Beyoncé has recorded. Why not have another go? We believe in you!

Result: Nice
@beyonce | Instagram

Nice! You know a fair bit about Beyoncé, but how about having another go? You could get an even better score!

Result: Great
@beyonce | Instagram

Great! You know loads about Beyoncé, don't you? Why not come back soon and try again and see if you can get 10/10? Or you could try any of the other Beyoncé quizzes on the website!

Result: Wow
@beyonce | Instagram

Wow! You're either a Beyoncé expert or the legend herself. Either way, well done – that's a perfect score!