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BFC Top Tips: What Style Of Joke Should You Write?

Want to enter Britain's Funniest Class but want some comedy advice? Then look no further!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  May 31st 2022

There are so many different types of joke. Like, loads. If you want your friends to help you take part in Britain's Funniest Class 2022, there are many things to consider if you wish to stand a chance of scooping the coveted prize! In this comedy class, we're going to guide you through the different ways of making people laugh. Once you feel you've found something that appeals to you, check out the links and take a look at how certain jokes are constructed to come up with your very own knee-slapper!

1. Knock-Knock jokes!

An orangutan about to knock on 10 Downing Street's door

We're not sure exactly how long doors have been a thing, but you can guarantee the day after they were invented, someone came up with a knock-knock joke. Here's a great one.

Who's there?
Doctor who?
Oh, you've heard it.

Here's some more equally funny knock-knock jokes to learn and commit to memory for any conversation!

2. Observational Jokes!

A man looking at broccoli with a magnifying glass

Some jokes are based on observations on every day life. If you ever watch a comedian and they begin saying, 'Have you ever noticed...' and make an observation that people might not have necessarily noticed before. Either way, you can guarantee you're in for a treat. These observations are what unite us as people and get big laughs, because we've all experienced the same things more or less. The famous comedians will often tell jokes about laundry, airline food and why cats cannot be trusted.

3. Animal Jokes!

Cow laughing

Animals, by their very existence, are pretty funny. They don't play by the rules and do whatever they fancy, which is hilarious to us humans! For example, you could say, 'What do you call a farm animal who paints pictures? Vincent Van Goat!'. The joke is that there are barely any animals who are famous artists. Unless you count those who dab canvasses with a paint brush pre-loaded with paint. They don't really know what they're doing.

4. Puns!

Two people laughing

A good pun is based on skilful wordplay. When it's done properly, it can be a pun-derful thing. Here are some really punny jokes for you to keep in the back pocket for any conversation. People will think you're a comedy genius if you can drop a pun into the chat! Don't over-do the puns, unless you like the sound people groaning like they've got a bad stomach.

5. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

A chicken crossing the road

The idea of chickens crossing the road have been a comedy go-to since roads were invented. The oldest example we can think of is: why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. We still don't know why but chicken-road enthusiasts have attempted to answer question in different ways to varying degrees of success. One comedian once suggested that a chicken refused to cross the road because of a local popular fried chicken restaurant. That's just common sense, though.

6. Doctor, Doctor Jokes!

Doctor, doctor jokes have probably been around since the first doctor opened their first medical practice. The joke set up begins with the patient explaining their ailment to the doctor. The punchline is the doctor's reaction, which doesn't really seem like what a qualified doctor would say. Here's an example:

Patient: Doctor, doctor! What can you give me for the wind?
Doctor: Here, try this kite!

In real life, a doctor would possibly suggest taking a medicine of some description instead of handing out a kite. Boom. Comedy.

7. Dad Jokes!

A dad preparing to do some DIY

Dad jokes are just old jokes or observations which will make you cringe your socks right off your feet. Here's an example: A goat, a drum, and a snake fell off a cliff... Baa-dum-sss! Told you.

8. Surreal Jokes!

A brightly dressed woman hanging out with unicorns

There are types of jokes which are a bit weird and don't really make sense, but they're funny all the same. This is called surrealist comedy. Harry Hill is a surrealist comic and can tell jokes about the most normal things in really bizarre situations. It's probably best to let the master explain this himself on this blam video!

9. Gross Jokes!

A grossed out person

Some jokes rely on grossing out the listener. You could tell a joke about toilets, bogeys or the worst fart in the world! Remember, don't be gross just for the sake of it. The joke has to be funny and have a punchline, rather than just saying something disgusting to your friends. Here are some poop jokes that might make your friends sick!

10. An hour-long Netflix special weaving all of the above together!

A pigeon doing stand-up comedy

After several years perfecting their comedy craft, professional comedians will write and memorise around an hour's worth of jokes and go on tour! Some comedians will tell lots of one-liners, while others will tell a funny story over the course of their performance, and weave jokes into their time on stage. Feeling chatty and have some friends with ages to spare? Get them to take a seat and give this a go! Be warned though, it's really hard to do and you might need a bottle of water, a stage, a microphone and, even you want to be extra professional, a tall stool!

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