Biggest LOL of the Year: Beano Power Awards

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Mums working out to Joe Wicks

It's good for us to keep fit but sometimes it can be pretty funny - especially when mum is keeping up with a Joe wicks exercise video! If this kind of thing has kept you chuckling, vote now!

Jordan's 'happy place' on I'm a Celebrity

The Bush Tucker challenges can be hard for the I'm a Celebrity contestants, but no-one made it funnier than Jordan North! He made being covered in spiders seem fun - almost. And if he gave you a good laugh this year, give him your vote!

Lockdown Birthdays

Nothing gets us laughing as much as our mates but this year, it's been a bit hard to keep in touch. So when drive-by birthdays became a thing, we were over the moon, because it gave us a chance to have a chuckle with our pals. If you think this deserves a vote, you know what to do.

Video call fails

We've all been there. You think you're talking to someone, then you realise you forgot to turn your microphone on! Oops! But let's face it, video call fails can be pretty funny, so they've made it to our final list. Think it's the funniest thing to happen in 2020? Let us know by voting!

Grown-ups using TikTok

Okay, we know - grown-ups can be super embarrassing sometimes (especially those dad jokes!), but also, they can be pretty funny, particularly when they try to use things like TikTok! So if these got you giggling this year, it's time to vote!

Biggest LOL - Who Will Win?

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