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The Ultimate Black Hole Quiz!

How much do you know about black holes? Take this awesome black hole quiz and test your knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 1st 2021

Test your knowledge of black hole trivia now!

1/10 A black hole

How is a black hole formed?Β 

2/10 A black hole

Black holes cannot be seen because they don't reflect light. True or false?

3/10 Albert Einstein and a black hole

Albert Einstein came up with the term 'black hole'. True or false?

4/10 Black hole with nebula

What surrounds a black hole?

5/10 A supermassive black hole

What pulls objects into a black hole?

6/10 A black hole surrounded by stars

What is the area surrounding a black hole called?Β 

7/10 A black hole surrounded by stars

What are the three sizes of black holes known as?

8/10 A tape measure held against a black hole

How big can a black hole be?Β 

9/10 A black hole wearing a name tag

What is the centre of a black hole called?Β 

10/10 A scientist who clearly knows a lot about science and stuff

According to scientists, how many black holes exist?

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