Blue Planet II! Explore The Sea With Sir David Attenborough!

Get ready to dive into the awesome, terrifying sea with the world's coolest documentary man!

Take a look at the amazing trailer for Blue Planet II, featuring the amazing Sir David Attenborough!

Media by BBC Earth
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Highlights include this beach, which is covered in turtles...!

Turtles on a beach
Image by BBC Earth | YouTube

The trailer features a dramatic escape from these jaws (well, flappy gum things) of death...

Fish with terrifying jaws
Image by BBC Earth | YouTube

Check this excellent sea lion, which gets our seal of approval... (LOL)

A sea-lion swimming under water
Image by BBC Earth | YouTube

And whatever this mad weirdo is!

A very weird fish with spiky hair
Image by BBC Earth | YouTube

This whale is so MASSIVE it can't all fit on a screen...

A whale!
Image by BBC Earth | YouTube

And the sky around this walrus is so blue that it looks like a videogame!

A walrus sitting on a rock surrounded by the sea
Image by BBC Earth | YouTube

Plus, we don't know what this thingie is, but we know we want one for Christmas!

A cool creature that looks a bit like a seahorse
Image by BBC Earth | YouTube

Blue Planet II is coming to BBC One very soon and we're as excited as this turtle (he is very excited, he just doesn't like to show his feelings)!

An excited turtle swimming under water
Image by BBC Earth | YouTube

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