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Introducing Boomic #5 – The Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle

Dennis, Gnasher and friends are dared to spend the night within the fortress's spooky halls. Will they encounter the Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 7th 2022

During the winter of 2021, the comic technicians at Beano HQ’s scientific laboratories were tasked with the ultimate scientific experiment: to create a unique, blam hybrid of books and comics. The result? The Battle for Bash Street, the first-ever Boomic!

What's a boomic? That's a great question and we're very happy to answer that. Without getting too scientific, it’s a cross between a book and a comic, from the minds of Beano’s I.P. Daley (with a little bit of help from Beano's very own Craig Graham and Mike Stirling). They're the ultimate Beano adventure in book form, peppered with funny pictures illustrated by awesome comic creator, Nigel Parkinson.

Their book-comic breakthrough was such an awesome, jaw-dropping triumph that it was followed by even more Boomics, including The Abominable SnowmenaceAttack of the Evil Veg and Super Slime Spectacular!

Now, are you ready for a fifth helping of fun? Dennis and Gnasher are back for a extremely spooky adventure in The Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle , which is out now in all good bookshops and the Beano shop too!

When the bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle returns and Lord Snooty flees for safety, Dennis, Gnasher and the gang are given the ultimate dare: to spend the night inside the ancient building's spooky walls.

Will they be able to last until morning? Or will the Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle prove too scary for them to handle? That's snot for us to reveal. You'll need to read the book to find out more!

Dennis & Gnasher: The Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle is out now through Farshore Publishing.