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Boomics Bundle!

Here's your chance to get not one, but TWO Boomics for one blam price!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 16th 2022

What do you get if you mix books and comics? BOOMICS! 

From the epic mind of Beano's I.P. Daley (with just a little bit of help from Craig Graham and Mike Stirling), it's the ultimate Beano adventure in book form, peppered with funny pictures illustrated by ace comic creator, Nigel Parkinson.

We’ve created an awesome package featuring all these books in one BLAM-tastic bundle. You can find out what happens in both stories by getting your mischievous mitts on all Boomics together from the Beano Shop!

The Battle for Bash Street

When mysterious new teachers arrive to lay down the law at the the notoriously naughty Bash Street School, Dennis, Gnasher and friends finally face a test they simply can't afford to fail.

Can this gang of total legends outwit the most cunning teachers in the universe, and after millions of years, finally make school cool?

The Abominable Snowmenace

Can a group of ten year old mates (and one scruffy dog) really outwit the most fiendish, cunning adults in the universe and save a frightened friend from the worst fate imaginable?

When mysterious smelly footprints lead the gang to the school kitchen, they find themselves in a race against time to save their new best friend. The seasons are changing, and the fate of an entire species lies in their hands…

We’ve created an awesome package featuring both books in one BLAM-tastic bundle. You can find out what happens in both stories by getting your mischievous mitts on both Boomics together from the Beano Shop!

Attack of the Evil Veg

We all know soggy cabbage and chewy broccoli isn’t particularly exciting, but evil? That’s a bit harsh, no? Well, not is all it seems when it comes to these humble heroes of the dinner table. Dennis enters Beanotown's annual gardening competition, but things start to go wrong when he uses some Vegetable Super Growth Serum in a bid to win first prize.

When faced with a gang of carnivorous giant vegetables, can Dennis and his friends save the day?

Super Slime Spectacular!

Pretty much everyone we know loves slime. They can't get enough of it. Well, apart from parents, because they tend to find bits of it everywhere when they tidy up. But slime means fun for the rest of us, right? Absolutely.

In this latest adventure, Dennis, Gnasher and their classmates decide to conduct a risky experiment to create the ultimate slime. What could possibly go wrong? Join them in a race against slime to save Beanotown!

The Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle

When the bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle returns and Lord Snooty flees for safety, Dennis, Gnasher and the gang are given the ultimate dare: to spend the night inside the ancient building's spooky walls.

Will they be able to last until morning? Or will the Bogeyman of Bunkerton Castle prove too scary for them to handle? That's snot for us to reveal. You'll need to read the book to find out more!