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20 Bum Jokes To Crack You Up!

You'll laugh your backside off with these cheeky bottom-based jokes and puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 29th 2024

It's objectively the funniest body part, so maybe these jokes are scraping the bottom of the barrel? No way! These cheeky bum jokes will have you in fits of laughter, and your friends will be in stitches! And if you're left feeling incomplete, we've got more body part jokes for you! Have a laugh at legs, fingers, and ears!

When is a bum most powerful?

At the full moon!

What do you call a zombie’s bum?

A dead end!

What is a bum’s favourite type of story?

Fairy tails!

Why did the physicist stick a hoover up his bum?

He was trying to create a farticle accelerator!

What did the bum say after a long day?

“I’m wiped!”

What would happen if you lost your right bum cheek?

You’d be left behind!

What do you call a man with fifty rabbits up his bum?


A group of bums are out for a walk, but the smallest is having trouble keeping up…

“Sorry,” it says, “I’m a little behind!”

Did you hear about the man who got admitted to hospital with a plastic horse up his bum?

Doctors say his condition is stable!

Why shouldn’t you sit on the piano?

You’ll only play bum notes!

What do you get if you swallow uranium?

A nuclear bum!

What do you call an ox with a big bum?


Why did the man bring a bum into the elevator?

He was bringing up the rear!

Where should you keep your pants?

In the bottom drawer!

Why did the bum get a slap?

It was being cheeky!

My lowest point was when I used to sneak into museums and smack the bums of the Greek statues…

I guess you could say I hit rock bottom!

Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?

It wanted to get to the bottom!

Who has the biggest bottom in the world?

The ocean!

Teacher: “Why are you standing with only your top half inside the classroom?”

Student: “You said, “No butts!”

What side are bums always on?

The backside!