The Dele Ali Challenge - Can You Do It?

The Tottenham Hotspur hotshot has confused us all with his new move and we want to give it a go!

It seems like every time Dele Ali does something, the whole world goes crazy!

So what's he done this time?

Only gone and confused us all by pulling off a confounding goal celebration!

Yep, it seems Dele's dexterous digits are just as flexible as his famous feet which has led to loads of people attempting to recreate his now-famous signature move.

And to be honest, whenever the Spurs star scores, he always gets lots of attention - sometimes he's Fortnite Flossing and other times his showing off his well-known wave.

But this time, it looks as if he's really made his mark, so let's give hime a big hand!

And just before we get to the video, let's take a look at his other best moves...


This is the one that really put Dele on the handshaking-map and it's an easy one to copy. (Christmas jumper optional).

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From Fortnite to the footie pitch, Dele helped put dancing in the spotlight, big-time!

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And, er, just sitting

Okay, well, this move isn't quite as cool, but everyone likes a nice sit-down, don't they? Even World Cup-playing footie stars!

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