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Can You Find Your Way To Hogwarts?

It's the first day of term and you need to get to Hogwarts! But how will you get there? And will you make it? Take our quiz and find out where you'll end up!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 17th 2021
1/12 St Pancras station with arrow

It's the first day of term and you need to get to Hogwarts! Where should you start?

2/12 Train platform with McGonagall cat

Which platform do you need for the Hogwarts Express?

3/12 Train carriage, Hedwig and yellow splats

You made it onto the train! What are you going to do now?

4/12 Steam train with goofy face

Uh oh! Somethings happened to the train! It's stopping! What's caused it?

5/12 Steam train engine with man and screaming pineapple

Hmm, doesn't look like you're going anywhere fast! What are you going to do?

6/12 Dementor on creepy moor

The train seems to be stuck on a moor - what's your next option?

7/12 Castle and grounds with Hedwig and broom

You've left the train behind and you're on your way. But what's slowing you down?

8/12 Steam train on viaduct with screaming snitch and phoenix

Uh oh, looks like something else is disrupting your journey - what could it be?

9/12 Giant quid underwater with Beano narwhal

Ok, you think you can see Hogwarts coming into site! What's making it tricky to approach?

10/12 Hagrid and centaur on magical background

You're just about to go through the gates when something blocks your path - what is it?

11/12 Potato Hermione on brick background with books and broom

Have you arrived all in one piece?

12/12 Suit of armour next to wall with goofy face and yellow splats

Now you're inside, you look around. What do you see?

Hogwarts result

You've made it to Hogwarts!

Hooray! Despite everything, you've made it to Hogwarts in one piece, and despite being a bit tired and wet, you're ready for the feast! Enjoy!

Diagon Alley result

You've ended up in Diagon Alley!

Oh no, how did this happen? Well, at least you're in the Wizarding World...maybe someone can find you a fireplace or a portkey? And you can always pick up some supplies while you're here!

Albania result

How did you get to Albania?

Er, okay, so...looks like you're in Albania? It's very popular with the Wizarding community, but probably not where you wanted to be right now. It's also a hang out for dark wizards, so be careful, and find a broomstick outta there as soon as possible!

Hogsmeade result

You're in Hogsmeade!

So close but not quite! Looks like you're in Hogsmeade, at The Three Broomsticks! Never mind, get a trustworthy adult to escort you up to the castle and you'll be at the feast in no time!