Can You Guess the Harry Potter Villain from Their Voice?

There's a variety of villains at Hogwarts - but do you know which one the quote comes from?

Harry Potter full of fantastic and familiar quotes!

Like Hermione’s famous: “It’s Levi-o-SAH!”

Or Ron Weasley’s well-known: “Follow the spiders? Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?”

And even Hagrid’s classic: “You’re a wizard, Harry!”

But it’s not just the good guys that get the great lines!

The halls of Hogwarts are also bursting with all manner of hideous villains who have some cool quotes of their own, but here’s the big question – would you be able to guess which one the well-known words come from?

Well then, if you think you’re a bit of a Harry Potter mastermind and you’ve got your ears screwed on tightly, you should find this cunning quiz a piece of cake!

So what are you waiting for! Let’s go!

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