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Can You Pass The Ultimate Weather Trivia Quiz?

Fancy yourself as a weather wizard? Then it's time to put your skills to the test. Can you pass the ultimate weather trivia quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 1st 2023

Weather wizard or meteorological muggle? You may be able to talk about the weather but do you really know about it? Then zip up warm and prepare for a trivia blizzard! For more geographical guesswork check out our Ultimate Science and Nature Quiz, or chase those blustery blues away with some wacky Weather Jokes!ย 


Let's start with an easy one! What is an electrostatic discharge?


What on earth is this?


What is the name of a scientist who studies the weather?


What do we use a wind vane to measure?


Snow never falls in the desert. True or false?


A thermometer is a device used to measure what?


Which comes first - lightning or thunder?


What is the name of the driest desert in the world?


What is the name of this weather instrument, used to measure atmospheric pressure?

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Lumps of ice that fall from clouds (often during thunderstorms) are known as what?

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What do we call the calm area located in the centre of the hurricane?


Time for a tough one! Which of the following cloud formations causes rain?


What is a waterspout?


Where in the world is recorded as the windiest place?


What country experiences the most tornadoes?


Which of the following is NOT an example of precipitation?


Using data to predict the weather is known as what?


What is the Beaufort Scale?


Which is the technical term for the moisture content in the air?


And finally... the rapid descent of snow is called a what?

Amazing! You got a PERFECT score!!! You really know your weather... there no doubt about it, you are nothing short of a geographical GENIUS. An incredible result in a very difficult quiz. Well done!

Good job! While not a PERFECT score you certainly know your weather trivia... This was a hard quiz but you absolutely smashed it! Well done!

Not bad! You're not yet a weather wonder, this was a pretty hard quiz - but you could do better! Why not have another go and improve your score?

Uh oh! Never mind - this was a VERY difficult quiz! Why not have another go and see if you can improve your score?