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Can You Pass This Easy Harry Potter Quiz?

Check out these easy Harry Potter questions and see how much Harry Potter trivia you know!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate Harry Potter Book Quiz


Who teaches Transfiguration?


Where is Fleur Delacour from?


What house is Luna Lovegood in?


Which of these is NOT a sweet in Harry Potter?


What is Professor Dumbledor's first name?


What colour is Hermione's cat?


What was Voldemort's name before he become The Dark Lord?


Which platform at Kings Cross does the Hogwarts Express leave from?


What is Ron most scared of?


Where in the Weasley family is Ginny?

Magical result thumbnail

Magical! Your house gets 50 points! You know lots about Harry Potter, this quiz was probably easier than sleeping through one of Professor Binns' classes for you!

Good job result thumbnail

Good job! You're clearly pretty clued up on the magical world! Well done!

Try again resutl thumbnail

Not bad but Harry reckons you can do better! Try again!

Oh no result thumbnail

Oh no, looks like someone's been listening to too many Death Eaters! Have another go!