Quiz: Can You Pass This Harry Potter SATs Exam?

As schools across the UK take their SAT exams, why not have a go at these Hogwarts-themed English questions?

Good luck!

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Tick the sentence that must end with a question mark

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Which sentence uses capital letters correctly?

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What does the word alchemy mean?

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Which verb form completes the sentence?

After Harry ______________ his new broomstick, he went to Quidditch practice.

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Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans are sorted into boxes of 9. How many boxes would 63 sweets fill?

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What is the word class of the underlined words in the sentence below?

The wizard brought a wand and an owl to his magic lesson.

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In the school dining hall, tables seat 8 students. How many tables are needed to seat 70 children?

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Which sentence uses the word round as an adjective?

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Which sentence is punctuated correctly?

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Which sentence is the most formal?

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