Can You Spook Your Dad?

Will these Halloween pranks make your dad shake like a jelly?


You draw a face on a helium-filled balloon and hide it in his car boot. Does he squeak with fear?


Small prank, now. When your dad wakes up, you say was it Halloween yesterday and he slept through the entire thing! What does he do?


You've covered some Brussel sprouts in chocolate and watch your dad take a bite. How does he react to this treat?


You've sneaked some plastic spiders in the cereal box and watch him get his breakfast. What does he say?


You've covered the house with fake cobwebs. What does your dad do?

Totally Random Question

How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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You've filled the shower head with obnoxious green slime! What does he do next?


You've taken batteries out of the remote control and use a different one to control the TV! What does your dad do?


You've written on the mirror so a message will be revealed when he has a shower. Does he mention it at breakfast?


You put a fake snake in his sock drawer! What noise does he make when he's getting ready for work?


Go up to your dad and say you were having a chat with a ghost in the kitchen. How does he react?

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