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Can You Spook Your Dad With These Pranks? Quiz

Will these Halloween pranks make your dad shake like a jelly?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  October 5th 2022
1/10 An orange balloon with a scary face

You draw a face on a helium-filled balloon and hide it in his car boot. Does he squeak with fear?

2/10 A sleepy man

Small prank, now. When your dad wakes up, you say was it Halloween yesterday and he slept through the entire thing! What does he do?

3/10 A chocolate sprout

You've covered some Brussel sprouts in chocolate and watch your dad take a bite. How does he react to this treat?

4/10 Fake spiders in a cereal bowl

You've sneaked some plastic spiders in the cereal box and watch him get his breakfast. What does he say?

5/10 Scared man in a doorway

You've covered the house with fake cobwebs. What does your dad do?

6/10 A shower of slime

You've filled the shower head with obnoxious green slime! What does he do next?

7/10 Remote control problems

You've taken batteries out of the remote control and use a different one to control the TV! What does your dad do?


You've written on the mirror so a message will be revealed when he has a shower. Does he mention it at breakfast?

9/10 A plastic snake lurks in an untidy sock drawer

You put a fake snake in his sock drawer! What noise does he make when he's getting ready for work?


Go up to your dad and say you were having a chat with a ghost in the kitchen. How does he react?

A smiling man who is unafraid of Halloween pranks


Your dad is walking around the house like it's November 1st or something. Try harder next year!

A fairly spooked man

Your dad is: FAIRLY SPOOKED!

You've played some decent Halloween pranks this year, but he still seems quite cheerful and not at all wobbly!

A very spooked man

Your dad is: VERY SPOOKED!

Oh, well played! Your dad seems pretty scared by some of your pranks. Nice!

A 100 per cent spooked man, a quivering chap

Your dad is: 100% SPOOKED!

Wow! You got him well and truly spooked. Fantastic, ghoulish work!