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Captain Flea-Beards In The Wild!

Avast, me hearties! Why, tis Captain Flea-Beard, most fearsome of all the fleas, in their natural enviroment - the seven seas! Take a look at this bold flea in their habitat and watch out for sharks!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

Get ready to meet the most fearsome flea on the high seas! (or on Gnasher!) It’s Captain Flea-Beard, searching the seven seas for the one thing they value above all else – Gnasher’s booty! Take a peek through a telescope at these fleas in their natural environment – sailing the oceans, digging up or burying treasure, or blasting canons at their enemies! Captain Flea-Beard likes nothing better than a good plundering, or failing that, a bottle of grog. The pirate flea is a dangerous breed, so make sure you stay well hidden when carrying out surveillance! Avast, me hearties, and get ready to witness a fearsome battle between pirate fleas – don’t lose your head!

This Captain Flea-Beard is overjoyed - it's just found some treasure it's been looking for! Better keep under cover, they won't like it if they think you're stealing their booty!

Avast! This Captain Flea-Beard is setting sail on the Lassie's Revenge, ready for another adventure! Hope you don't get sea sick!

Shh, stay very quiet as we observe this Captain Flea-Beard burying its loot! What's inside the box? Only Captain Flea-Beard knows!

Time for some grog, and we've got a Captain Flea-Beard in their natural enviroment here - the tavern! Better put that cutlass away if you want to get served!

This Captain Flea-Beard is below deck, waiting for a chance to fire on the enemy! Better get out of the way!

Uh oh, looks like we've found a marooned Flea-Beard! The rest of the ship has abandoned them! Oh well, they don't look too upset!

And finally, the Captain Flea-Beard with its other vessel - Gnasher! He may not be water proof, but he's as sturdy as any ship!