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What Happens When Celebrities Go on Holiday Together?

Have you ever wondered how celebrities spend their holidays? Watch this video to find out!

Marshmello tries on some holiday outfits!

The electronic dance DJ must have taken several suitcases to the airport for this lot!

Zoella has to sneak Nala onto the plane!

It’s hard enough to get a bottle of water through airport security these days. But a dog? That’s an entirely different ball game. With a cool disguise, Zoella has nailed it!

DanTDM Fortnite hang glides in!

If there’s one way to make a memorable entrance, it’s this! We hope he doesn’t knock anyone’s drinks over though…

Anne Marie pranks room service by singing them songs!

Hotel staff are busy people, so it’s very kind of the Essex pop star to sing down the phone instead of ordering a sandwich

Harry Kane and Jackie Chan have a kick around the tourist spots

The England centre forward and martial arts film star have to be careful they don’t knock anything important over, especially the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty!

Beyoncé is obviously queen bee of the pool

Who else could it be? Now we’ve got ourselves an amazing pool party!