Celebrities with Lookalikes From the Past!

These celebrities can either time travel or there are people from history that look almost EXACTLY like them! Which do you think is true? Check out the video to see the celebs, then and now!

Did you know that Harry Potter was a Victorian lady? Or that Taylor Swift had a whole other life before she became a famous superstar?

We've spotted some celeb time travellers and have put all the pictures together in a video to prove that these famous faces can jump through time and space.

You wont believe what Ron Weasley (aka Rupert Grint) used to look like... or Jack Black, or Justin Timberlake! Seriously, they’re all time travellers!

Don’t believe us? Check out the video now and then vote in the poll below!

Do you think the celebs are time travellers or this is all just one massive coincidence?

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