Celebrity Yearbook

It's the end of another year and everyone's getting a yearbook - even celebs!

We felt bad for all those celebrities out there who finished school years ago and are missing out on all the fun of a flicking through a yearbook that's going on right now. So, we thought we'd make our own one specially for them. With Pogba most likely to photobomb, Anne-marie most likely to burst into song and Mark "Facebook" Zuckerburg most likely to be a lizard - even though we've been told by some creepy men in suits that he definitely is not a lizard (he totally is!!)
We also added an inspirational quote from Ali-A to Fortnite dance like no-one's watching (sound advice!) and Toys and Me star Tiana reveals the secrets of the universe (SPOILER WARNING: it's pizza!)
We even added Trump in, because if we left him out he'd probably have a massive baby tantrum about it - you know what he's like!

What would you be voted most likely to do?

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