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Celebs in Baby Clothes

A bunch of mad scientists have invented clothes that grow with your body!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 10th 2017

This means you'd never have to get new clothes again!

expandable clothes

Looks pretty cool, right? Just like origami, yeah? WRONG! Being stuck with only your baby clothes to wear for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! What would that world be like? Let's find out!

Justin Bieber would still be in that sailor suit his Nan got him

Ahoy there, sailor!

Beyoncé would be rocking a pair of toddler dungarees


Bear Grylls would be adventuring in his ickle baby bear onesie

FACT: It's how he got his name

Mary Berry would be still wearing something from before they even had photos!!

Probably made of real dinosaur skin

And Donald Trump would have the outfit he deserves

Look at the big baby!

Hey, at least it would be good news for the Hulk!

Hulk changing and ripping his shirt