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Cheese Tea? Cheese Tea? Cheese? Tea? Cheese Tea?

It sounds disgusting, but it might just work. Or mightn't it? Nah, it's probably vile.

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  September 16th 2017

Sometimes combining 2 nice things results in a not-so-nice one

Like, curry is nice and bananas are nice, but a banana curry is (probably) not so great

We might be about to experience that in the form of cheese tea. Like... tea made of cheese.

Cheese is great. Tea is great. But cheese tea? it's popular in Indonesia, it tuns out!

cheese tea

Cheese tea?


cheese tea

The idea is that the tea is bitter, and the cheesey foam (barf) cuts through the bitterness

Couldn't they... like... have less bitter tea?

cheese tea

We might all get the chance to find out what this horror tastes like, if the trend ever makes it over here

Guess we'll just dunk a Babybel into a cuppa until then