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12 Days of Christmas Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

It's one of the greatest Christmas songs ever – but how well do you know the lyrics in this Christmas song quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 8th 2022

Don't worry! These questions are only based on the last verse – otherwise you'd probably need a pen and paper!

1/12 A swan wearing a tiny Christmas hat

What's the greatest Christmas gift of all? Swans a-swimming, of course. But how many, specifically?

2/12 A group of chickens, one of whom is wearing a Santa hat

French hens are at the top of everyone's Christmas wish list. How many were given in this song? 

3/12 Two people browse gold rings in a jewellery shop

Six... gold rings?

4/12 Animal from The Muppets playing the drums

We can hear a load of clattering. That can only mean one thing – drummers, um, drumming! But how many?

5/12 A group of bagpipe players performing in a field

What's that din? It's some pipers piping. Give us a number.

6/12 A man jumps in the air while Santa and his reindeer fly past in the distance

Some people get socks at Christmas, or if you're extra lucky... some lords a-leaping. But how many are in this song?

7/12 A cow wearing stylish bauble earrings

How maids a-milking are presented as a gift?

8/12 Geese crossing the road, all wearing tiny Santa hats

Look at all those geese. Can you tell us how many there are?

9/12 A bird singing at sunset

Another day, another gift. How many calling birds are mentioned in the song?

10/12 A turtle dove

What on earth is a turtle dove? But more importantly, how many are there?

11/12 Santa standing under a big tree

In what sort of tree would you find a partridge?

12/12 Two women do the floss dance

What's the latest delivery? Oh, it's some ladies dancing. How many are mentioned in the song?

A rubber chicken is in shock after seeing your score!

Oh dear! Have you even heard this song?

A milk maid drinks a glass of milk in celebration of your achievements

Good stuff! This milk maid is celebrating your score with a glass of cold milk.

A swan looks pretty chuffed with your score.

Great work! You know your stuff when it comes to the 12 Days Of Christmas... more than this swan, anyway.

This partridge is thrilled with your score

Amazing! You must sing this song all the year round. This partridge is absolutely thrilled with your score!